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Mental Health Ministry


(619) 940-6193

Mental Health Ministry Workshop
The St. Didacus Mental Health Ministry group is offering a workshop on strategies for dealing with social anxiety and panic attacks. Join them on Sunday, December 1st at 7pm in the Parish Hall to learn more.

The St. Didacus
Mental Health Ministry
Invites you to a
“Care—Prayer—Support” Gathering
Sunday, April 5th
In the Parish Hall

The gathering will include:

Opening Prayer, Spiritual Reading, group sharing/petitions/comments, an Our Father and Closing Prayer. They will also have information on various agencies that can help with whatever you or a loved one are encountering - be it depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, stress, or other struggles.It is NOT a therapy session (they are not trained to do that). It is more a chance to be with others, share, listen with empathy, learn about available resources and pray together.are welcome.

St. Didacus Parish Mental Health Ministry Phone Line.
(619) 940-6193
Teléfono del ministerio de Salud Mental

Our Mental Health Ministry team has had specific training that will help us to help you find the resources and guidance you or a family member may need in dealing with mental health issues. To help in this effort and to connect to you directly, we have established a specific St. Didacus Parish Mental Health Ministry phone line.

Our St. Didacus Mental Health Ministry phone line will
connect you with a member of our team
(619) 940-6193.
If we're not able to answer your call immediately, you can leave a message,
and we will call you back within 24 hours.
(In an emergency, please call 911.)

We look forward, by God's grace, to being able to help you navigate what's next for you and/or your loved one. We are here to offer encouragement, prayer, and practical support.

Please also visit the Office for Social Justice-Diocesan Mental Health Ministry link here to learn more about this ministry.

St. Didacus El Ministerio de Salud Mental

esta buscando las formas para conectarse con las familias que tienen algún enfermo de salud mental, la línea de teléfono del ministerio de Salud Mental:
(619) 940-6193.
La línea de teléfono conectará con un miembro del equipo. Si no son capaces de responder a su llamada inmediatamente, puede dejar un mensaje,
y ellos le llamaran en el plazo de 24 horas.
(En caso de emergencia, llame al 911).

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