Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

The Waiting is Over

On Easter my mind doesn’t turn to thoughts of parades and fancy fashions or lilies or Easter baskets. Instead I think of the hospital sitting room when I was the hospital chaplain. And where one family waited while the father of the family was being operated on. They weren’t alone there. Many families and individuals sat there that day, trying to focus on their phones, magazines, or the television in the corner, but soon having their attention descend into their own thoughts and fears. As the day progressed, some of those gathered got relieving news. For others, the news was mixed. And for still others, the news brought grief and loss. Their worst fears had materialized.

There is no Easter without Good Friday. And so on Easter I think of all those Good Fridays we face in our lives—the suffering or loss of our loved ones; the disappointments we encounter in our lives at work and in our families and with our friends; the emptiness we can feel when we realize how our sins hurt those we love and also leave us spiritually deprived. It is precisely in those moments that the empty tomb speaks volumes as the sign that death is not the final word and sin is overcome.

Jesus’ Resurrection is not just a marvelous magic show. It’s our deepest hope when fear grips our throats and our hearts are close to breaking. – Fr. Rey

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