In choosing to marry in a Catholic Church you are choosing to live your lives in love through the Sacrament of Matrimony.

As you come before God you are entering into solemn vows binding yourselves to each other for life in faithfulness and love.

We as a community stand as witnesses to the vows you make to one another before God who blesses your union and gives you the sacramental grace to live it out. You are a sacrament to us of God’s love for his people.

Preparation Period

The celebration of this Holy Sacrament requires a proper period of preparation and reflection and a wedding liturgy which reflects the dignity and sacredness of the occasion:

The Diocese of San Diego asks for a minimum of a nine month period of preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage.

This period is used to help the couple grow in the understanding of the sacrament that they are entering into. The preparation for marriage is coordinated by the parish priest, deacon or a person designated for marriage preparation.

The person preparing you for your marriage will give you the necessary forms needed to apply for diocesan preparation seminars.

The couple is expected to attend the pre-Cana seminar and either the Engaged Encounter or the Weeknights for the Engaged. Certificates of completion for these seminars should be brought to the office and placed in the couple’s file.

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