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Join us for Mass to celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary — Saturday, August 15th at 8am. Come early at 7:30am to help set up!

COVID 19 Update

St. Didacus Catholic Parish is closely following information and directives from the Diocese of San Diego and the State of California in regards to Coronavirus (COVID 19). Effective Wednesday, July 15, 2020, religious services held inside will be suspended until further notice. Please visit for the State of California updates and information.

Religious Education
Online Registration Open
Online registration for the 2020-2021 session will close Tuesday, September 1, 2020. However, early registration is recommended so we can order enough books and materials. Because of the COVID-19 situation, please DO NOT come to the office to register. Registrations are available ONLINE ONLY. Please see the links below. Registration fee is: $35.00 per Child. Your Tuition Fee may be dropped off in the parish mailbox or brought to the first in-person parent class on Wednesday, September 23, 2020. Payments can be made by either check or cash for the exact amount. Donations are welcome.

Questions? You can reach Elena at the office 619-284-3472 or email her at

Click below for Online Registrations:
Fath Formation/CCD
Confirmation Year I/HS Ministry
Confirmation Year II

Green Card News
Si tienes Green Card aprovecha la oportunidad para hacerte Ciudadanao/a. El costo para aplicar a ciudadanía va a incremental a más de $1,200.00 el 2 de Octubre2020, lo cual es casi un incremento de 80% de la tarifa actual ($725.00). Por esta razón, para que las personas que son elegibles para aplicar se ahorren dinero y manden su aplicación antes de 10/02/2020, queremos compartir que caridades católicas está ofreciendo información para que puedan empezar su proceso lo más pronto posible. El link.

If you have a Green Card take the opportunity to become a citizen. The cost to apply for citizenship will increase to more than $1,200.00 on October 2, 2020, which is almost an 80% increase in the current rate ($725.00). People who are eligible to apply will save money by submitting their application before 10/02/2020. Catholic Charities is offering assitance to those who are eligible so that they can begin the process as soon as possible. Please visit their website.

Mental Health Ministry

During this time of uncertainty and change, you can reach out to the St. Didacus Mental Health Ministry for support. Please reach out to them by phone at
(619) 940-6193. This is a non-emergency line, please call 911 if you have an emergency situation.They may also be contacted by email at Please visit the Mental Health Ministry page for more information about our team.

Catholic Minutemen of San Diego

Catholic Minutemen of San Diego is a grassroots organization of men and women who will be ready to have a presence at a threatened church or Catholic site in a minute's notice. The goal is to respond peacefully if a local Catholic church or site is attacked. Peaceful presence and prayer is the goal. They have an on-line registration form HERE. You will receive alert notices if your peaceful presence or prayers are needed.

Women of St. Didacus
Gospel and Fellowship

Women of St. Didacus Come Join Us! Together we will draw closer to Christ and Mary through prayerful reading of the Gospels and fellowship with each other. We are meeting the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6:30 pm at various members homes. Call Linda (619) 955-3985 or Nancy (619) 203-8108 for more info.

Sexual Abuse Compensation Program
For more information click
HERE go to the website

Rights & Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians of Children in Public Schools Regarding Sexual Health Education
The California Catholic Conference of Bishops has composed a concise guide for Catholic Parents outlining their rights and responsibilities pertaining to the “California Healthy Youth Act” mandated by the state for all public schools. We will have a link on our parish website to this important information. If you have students in public school, this will assist you to navigate the law and protect your children. For more info in English click HERE. For more info in Spanish click HERE.

Join us for Mass on our front lawn!

On Wednesday, July 15th, we began celebrating Mass outside on our front lawn to be in compliance with the new health orders that prohibit indoor worship. We will continue celebrating outside until these directives change and allow us to worship in the Church. We will have folding chairs available, but you are welcome to bring your own lawn chair if that is more comfortable. Wear a hat and bring a water bottle on the sunny, hot days ahead!

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St. Didacus Parish School

St Didacus Parish School
St. Didacus Parish School is a Catholic elementary school engaged with parents, children and community in the ongoing educational development of the student. We empower the student to be spiritually, academically and socially prepared to live today and tomorrow, both morally and effectively. WASC/WCEA Accredited. Stop by and see us for information about registering your children!

Mrs. Christine Dean - Principal
4630 34th Street, San Diego CA 92116
(619) 284-8730

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